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New York becomes a stunning stage as the sun sets over the Hudson and the city's skyscrapers light up the night. Actors make it on Broadway at the same time that world-class singers, dancers, and musicians perform at venues all throughout town. New York City has everything.

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New York becomes a stunning stage as the sun sets over the Hudson and the city's skyscrapers light up the night. Actors make it on Broadway at the same time that world-class singers, dancers, and musicians perform at venues all throughout town. New York City has everything, from the best in underground rock at dives in Williamsburg to the most elegant opera at the Lincoln Center. New York City is home to a vast range of cultural forms, from experimental theater to stand-up comedy to ballet to poetry to burlesque to world music to jazz, and much more besides. 

Vegetables grown in rooftop gardens and upstate farms, meats and seafood from nearby sustainable businesses, and artisanal takes on everything from coffee and whiskey to chocolate and cheese have made the city a mecca for seasonal and locally produced fare. This movement has made the city a mecca for fresh and regionally-specific cuisine. Some of the most cutting-edge restaurants today are gastropubs, which offer small dishes and beverages with a Prohibition-era twist. The bar scene has become increasingly creative, and restaurants have started to follow suit. New York City is home to almost 20,000 eateries, and the city's streets are lined with food trucks. 

Corporate housing in New York City: what is it exactly? 

Temporary corporate housing is a service that can be supplied to companies who are transferring executives or other personnel to a new location and need a place for them to reside. 

The New York City Industrial Property Market 

In need of luxury corporate housing in New York City? New York City is a major financial hub and tourism destination, ranking among the world's top destinations. Every day, thousands of businesspeople flock to the city to participate in meetings, presentations, networking opportunities, site visits, and other business-related activities. Business travelers need a comfortable and attractive space to unwind in after a long day of meetings and conferences. In this case, you may rely on our selection of New York corporate housing, which provides apartments with thoughtful layouts and luxurious amenities. 

Business travelers to New York City may find it difficult to narrow down their hotel options to one that meets their needs. The cost of a hotel in New York City is the highest in the United States, but if you're a business traveler, it's crucial that you stay close to the offices of your employers and clients. A regular hotel room may be your best bet if you need an answer quickly. However, a furnished apartment from a corporate housing provider might be more your speed if you'll be in the area for at least a month and want the conveniences of home, such as being able to taste the meal you cooked in the kitchen. In a city like New York, where the cost of living is notoriously high, staying in a hotel is usually more expensive and less enjoyable than residing in corporate housing. 

Corporate housing includes all the essentials, such as furnishings, internet connection, and a welcome package, to ensure a high standard of service and accommodation. Corporate housing is a turnkey solution, offering tenants the ease of having their living arrangements managed by a devoted specialist, the familiarity of home, and the luxuries of a hotel. This makes it easier for renters to relax and focus on their work. Corporate housing units have thus become increasingly popular in recent years as a means by which employees can streamline the process of relocating to new places. 

The complete guide to making it in the New York City business world 

Corporate housing arrangements for stays of 30 days or more in a busy city like New York City can seem like a monumental task when you are in charge of making the arrangements. Your employees and their families will be relocating to one of the largest cities in the globe for new career opportunities, and you'll need to find a way to help them settle in while still meeting the unique needs of your business. Finding a happy medium between the two is necessary. 

Since business visitors do not have to worry about the traditional stresses of moving, they can take full advantage of the opportunity to see and experience the city. There is something cultural, culinary, sartorial, recreational, or entertaining for every one of New York City's 8.4 million residents to enjoy, whether they like to view the street art of Williamsburg or dine at one of Manhattan's finest Michelin-starred establishments. The best part is that you may avoid the crowds while still having access to the world's most extensive network of rapid transit routes. 

Similar to serviced apartments, corporate housing in the city is fully furnished but has a 30-day minimum stay requirement (perfect for business travelers who are relocating to the area or staying for an extended period of time). They help business travelers recharge their batteries and get ready for the next day of work with ease by providing them with all the amenities and services they could possibly need. 

The Many Benefits of Short-Term Corporate Rentals in NYC

Explore the compelling advantages of short-term corporate rentals in NYC for professionals. Discover their unique offerings, how they compare to other options, and how to find the perfect rental.
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New York City Corporate Housing with Full Furniture Package 

Furnished corporate apartments in New York City are a type of corporate housing that is specifically designed to meet the demands of business travelers, relocating employees, and people on extended work assignments. These dwellings are also referred to as long-term apartments. These apartments are a more convenient and affordable option than traditional hotels, especially for extended visits. New York City furnished corporate apartments information is provided below

These apartments come fully furnished and equipped with all of the necessary appliances, furnishings, and other conveniences to make your stay as pleasant as possible. This often consists of a kitchen that is completely furnished, a living area, one or more bedrooms, and even laundry facilities.

The majority of the time, visitors staying at corporate flats have the option of renting the space for a week, a month, or another period of time that is tailored to meet their specific requirements. People who are unable to predict how long they will be staying will benefit greatly from this adaptability. 

The initial cost of staying in a corporate apartment may be higher than that of staying in a hotel, but in the long run, especially for lengthy periods, this type of accommodation typically results in cost savings. This holds even more true the longer the length of time spent there. Guests can keep more of their hard-earned cash by preparing some of their own meals in the fully equipped kitchen.

The cost of living and finding temporary housing in New York City might be high, but those in need will discover that fully furnished corporate apartments provide a convenient and comfortable solution to this problem. Apartments like these are perfect for long-term visitors to the city, such as business travelers, moving employees, and vacationers who plan to spend a lot of time seeing the city. 

Sleek & Cozy 2-Bedroom at Mercedes House


apartment interior

Chic & Spacious 2-Bedroom w Washer/Dryer


apartment interior

Comfy 2-Bedroom with On-Site Gym & Doorman


apartment interior

Where can I find information on reserving a New York City apartment for business purposes? 

Due to most long-term business travelers wishing to live there like locals, many corporate housing complexes in New York City are situated in the city's wealthiest neighborhoods, such as Manhattan and Brooklyn. This is due to the demand for accommodation in these locations. This is due to the fact that New York City serves as a base of operations for the great majority of extended business trips. These websites provide prices that range from reasonable to opulent, and the fully furnished apartments they have available include everything you could possibly require during your time there. If, for example, you are merely interested in the most fundamental conveniences, you should be able to locate a nice bargain at the standard price. 

On the other hand, you may find some really costly deals if you're looking for something beyond the usual hotel amenities, such as modern art for decorating or wine glasses. You may usually choose from a number of different packages for an additional fee if you would like your stay to be completely customized. This choice is usually accessible. As a result, the quantity of demand will always dictate the true cost of the monthly service. For instance, if you're looking for a fully furnished studio in Manhattan, you might have to spend more than $5,000 monthly.

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