The Art of Luxury Short-Term Rentals in New York City

New York is commonly called out for how expensive it is to rent an apartment in the city. But an increasing number of people are happy to drop tens, if not hundreds, of thousands per month for the luxury of living in the concrete jungle—even if it's just for a short while.

Apartments in NYC for rent

Ultra-expensive, short-term rentals in N.Y.C. are seeing surprising demand, The Wall Street Journal reported recently. These fully furnished residences give renters all the amenities and impeccable design of an upscale hotel but without the inherent feeling of transiency. And for that, people are willing to pay sometimes up to $140,000 a month. 

Challenging task 

Finding a rental apartment in New York City is notoriously hard—and finding a short-term, furnished rental here is even harder. It's a dilemma you may face if you're relocating here for work or if you are renovating. Other reasons you might need provisional housing abound: Maybe you're a visiting professor, or your kids are attending college here, or you might be receiving medical treatment or providing care for a family member or friend. And so on. 

No matter the scenario, the challenge is inevitably the same: How do you find NYC apartments that are legal, economically feasible, and offer the comforts of a real (if temporary) home? 

Many life events, such as starting a new work on a temporary basis, starting a new semester at a different university, or even just taking a vacation, necessitate a short-term rental. It is common practice to include stays of between one month and one year in the definition of "short-term rental." In some areas, it may be simple to find such short-term rentals, but this is not always the case.

It's tricky to find apartments available for short-term stays due to NYC laws, which prohibit rentals for fewer than 30 days. And buildings—especially co-ops and condos—don't want to have a revolving-door environment. Plus, they would be subject to city and state hotel taxes for short subleases. 

The perfect stay in New York City 

From the lights of Broadway to the Statue of Liberty, browsing boho Greenwich Village, or the ultimate shopping trip down Fifth Avenue, New York is packed with character and attractions. Ideal for anyone looking to stay 30 nights or longer, our monthly rentals in New York put you right in the center of the action. Whether you're planning on visiting for 6 weeks or 57 nights exactly, we offer flexible rentals in the city's most desirable districts. From sipping silky lattes in West Village and grabbing a pastrami sandwich from Katz's Delicatessen to bar hopping around East Village, every taste of New York will leave you yearning for more. 

What makes for a perfect stay in New York? 

New York isn't dubbed 'the city that never sleeps' for nothing, with over 8 million people calling it home. It may be constantly busy, but NYC is an iconic part of the world for a reason, with the Statue of Liberty, the Ground Zero Memorial, and the New York Catacombs just three of the famously fascinating things to see. Wander aimlessly through Central Park, take a tour through the bustling financial district, or catch an unforgettable Broadway show as you embrace the culture of the Big Apple. Browse Plum Guide's hand-picked Short Stay Rentals in New York. 

Short-Term Lease Apartments in NYC: Your Ultimate Guide to Furnished Rentals

Navigate NYC's bustling short-term rental market with our comprehensive guide. Discover the perks, costs, and legal aspects of furnished short-term lease apartments in NYC, including the prime locations of Manhattan.
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Skyscrapers provide the picturesque backdrop to your adventurous vacation, with the River Hudson adding a rural touch to the otherwise totally urban charm. Enjoy a day out at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, cross over Brooklyn Bridge, or elevate yourself to dizzying heights in the Empire State Building for remarkable views of the city below. Browse the endless streams of shops to secure a souvenir, and eat out at restaurants offering cuisine from all over the world in the city that never fails to amaze you. Next time you're planning a trip to New York, take a look at Boomerang Guide's Short Stay Rentals. 

Know Where to Look For Short-Term Rentals 

The first tip when it comes to finding short-term furnished rentals in NYC is to know where to look. If you search aimlessly in traditional ways, you may find it difficult to find suitable short-term rentals in the sea of long-term rentals. Knowing where to look and how to search can dramatically reduce the amount of time you will spend on your search. 

Move Quickly and Use Your Relationships 

Another piece of advice that should not be overlooked is to move promptly. Because there aren't many openings for luxury short-term rentals, you'll need to be prepared to pounce as soon as you spot one that's available. If you spend too much time making a decision, the unit might be rented out while you're still thinking about it, so it's important to double-check everything and be ready to act promptly. 

In addition to that, make sure to utilize the personal relationships you have. They will not only be able to assist you in your search, but they may also have inside information about a unit that will soon be available for rent. Because of their connections, they may be able to provide you access to homes that the majority of other people haven't even been able to view yet. You never know who your friends' friends might be, so it's important to make an effort to cultivate these connections for the greatest possible outcomes.

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New York is waiting for you 

New York has a unique character, unlike any other place in the world. Yellow taxis fill the streets, vendors serve up the best hotdogs on the Eastern Seaboard, and you'll meet every nationality speaking every language crowded into just 300 square miles. Dominated by skyscrapers and the backdrop for countless movies and TV shows, even if you've never been here before, you'll instantly recognise its iconic landmarks like old friends. 

With such a cultural melting pot, there's no single flavour of New York'. You can eat your way around the world in the space of a few blocks, hitting Little Italy for some seriously good New York pizza (or a 'pizza pie' to the locals) or Chinatown for the best egg rolls. While the sheer energy of 18 million people all sharing the same space is exhilarating, you can grab a quiet moment to catch your breath in the greenery of Central Park, before diving back into 'The City that Never Sleeps.' 

Better than all that, guests can decide to stay for as little as 30 days. They simply book their home with a credit card and then let the building know when they're leaving. In and out without barely lifting a finger.

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